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3 Ways Insurance Companies can Attract and Retain Multilingual Customers

Apr 12, 2012

With minority buying power being in the trillions, most companies are looking into how gain the valuable business of these customers. Here are a few ways insurance companies can attract and retain the many customers in this segment who do not speak English:

Multicultural Marketing – Providing funding for and creating well-executed multicultural marketing campaigns is one way to attract multicultural customers. Good marketing campaigns go beyond simple language translation and take into account the target audience’s beliefs, values, age, country of origin, and acculturation levels. A number of companies, including Allstate and State Farm, are taking multicultural marketing to heart by targeting Latinos with effective ad campaigns. In many cases, multicultural marketing results in overall revenue growth.

Multilingual Customer Support Operations – Multicultural marketing should integrate with operations to meet the needs of non-English speakers present in ethnic communities. Using in-language customer support (either bilingual agents or phone interpretation), phone trees, IVRs, and dedicated toll-free numbers for different languages are examples of how operations can serve non-English speakers after a marketing campaign draws them in.

Content Translation– The oldest, and most popular, way to communicate with non-English speakers, translation can be used to explain services and other important information on websites, and make claim forms and policy verbiage understandable, among other uses.

Voiance Language Services provides multilingual support in over 170 languages to business and government. Organizations use Voiance’s telephone interpretation to facilitate communication with customers. Voiance is a subsidiary of CyraCom International, Inc., the 2nd largest provider of Over-the-Phone Interpretation in the United States.