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“92% of US population growth from Minorities”: What the Census told us in 2011

Jan 26, 2012

In the 2000s, 92% of US population growth came from minority groups – mostly Hispanics and Asians (figure below). These, and other surprising statistics, were what the census revealed about America in 2011.

“One of the things the census really tells us is that diversity is in our future,” says demographer William H. Frey. “All of the growth we have in the child population in this last decade has to do with Hispanics and Asians and other minority groups. I think this is a huge statement for where we’re going for the rest of this century.”

Indeed, significant changes are occurring. According to a Brookings Institution analysis, half the population in 22 large metro areas and 50% of infants under age one are minorities, making the US a “majority minority” nation.

What does this mean for businesses? A lot of things, the most important being that minorities, in the future, will likely be able to determine the success and failure of brands from sheer buying power. Consequently, outreach to these groups using effective marketing campaigns and language services, such as telephone interpretation, are an absolute must in fostering customer loyalty.


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