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Born in the USA: Customer Satisfaction and US-based Contact Centers

Sep 25, 2011

Remember calling a US-based company only to be connected to an operator someplace else in the world named Peggy?

I do.

According to Claes Fornell International’s Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2010, by CEO Sheri Teodoru, many Americans have had lackluster experiences with offshore contact centers, as indicated by collected data:


Teodoru notes that:

“The issue with offshore contact centers continues to be their effectiveness. Customers are far more likely to be shuffled to multiple agents before their issue is resolved, far more likely to have to call multiple times to resolve the issue, and have significantly fewer issues resolved. Not a recipe for success. [Additionally] Callers have a difficult time understanding offshore agents, which leads to an ineffective and inefficient process.”

As indicated by the report, contact centers located in the US are better equipped at providing customer satisfaction and solutions.

Andy Bielat


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