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Contact Center Best Practices: Effective Team Sizes

Nov 02, 2011

How do you make your contact center run like clockwork? You can start by evaluating your supervisor team sizes. In my experience, smaller team sizes ensure “sups” can teach, coach and motivate employees, creating more employee engagement.

Highly engaged employees are typically less expensive to manage and more profitable, as companies with engaged employees are “56% more likely to [generate] higher than average customer loyalty*.” Additionally, research shows* these employees will be more productive and have lower turnover rates than average.

I think a “personal touch” from a supervisor – one who has the time to give each team member attention– is an important part of creating engaged employees. This is because personal attention makes people feel important, needed, and a part of a team.

It may seem like a cost-cutting technique to have 50 agents to one supervisor, but I think we have better interpreters that stay around much longer than contact center industry averages as a result of our small-team model. Try creating an ROI model based on the research I quoted above; you may find it’s time to make a change.

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