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“Could you repeat that?”

Sep 30, 2011

Ask your representatives if they have to repeat themselves. With a growing percentage of the population growing to be over 65, chances are they will probably do it more and more, unless your contact center is adequately prepared. How?

Noise control.

Misunderstandings, like being asked to repeat something, should be measured in dollars and cents. With fewer misunderstandings, you may improve FCR, AHT, and or CSAT scores, adding to the bottom line (or at least making you look good). Your representatives may be happier too (who likes to repeat themselves?). Noise control is particularly important to us here at Voiance because our interpreters need to listen to and generate accurate, meaning-for-meaning renderings of other people’s conversations.

Factors that affect noise are your building’s structure,  materials in your building, cube walls, and digital noise control. Since you may not have control over building structure, let’s discuss the other factors:

  • Materials – glass, wood and hard surface make noise bounce. Carpets and soft materials absorb noise. The more fabric on your center floors or in cubes, the more sound dampening you can achieve. If you have problem areas, you can hang sound dampening materials.
  • Cube Walls – You can save money on shorter cube walls, but higher walls covered in fabric will dampen your noise. With small improvements in FCR, AHT, or CSAT, you may be able to justify upgrading if your walls are short.
  • Digital noise control Youmay already be familiar with this. Used throughout your center, the randomness of white noise can disrupt and break down the vibrations of other noises. You can essentially cancel out noise. Doctors in small offices have even been known to use them to protect private conversations.

At our interpretation contact centers we take advantage of short ceilings with sound catching material, lots of carpet and soft materials, high cube walls, and an array of digital ambient noise control devices. Sometimes I think our centers are even quieter than the Marketing department.

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