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Phone Interpretation Used Heavily During Hurricane Sandy

Nov 15, 2012

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Sandy made landfall. The storm subjected millions in the Northeastern United States to flooding, power outages, flight cancellations and public transportation shutdowns.

Phone Interpretation played a vital role in Hurricane Sandy. According to our internal data, one of the largest utility providers in the Northeast used nearly double their typical amount of Phone Interpretation in the month of October.

Many government agencies and other organizations use Phone Interpretation as a means of communicating with non-English speaking communities during disasters. As non-emergency lines like 2-1-1 services are increasingly used to communicate with local communities during disasters, the use of Phone Interpretation should be incorporated into disaster planning.



Voiance Language Services provides multilingual support in over 200 languages to business and government. Organizations use Voiance’s telephone interpretation to facilitate communication with customers. Voiance is a subsidiary of CyraCom International, Inc., the 2nd largest provider of Over-the-Phone Interpretation in the United States.