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Successfully Interact with your LEP Client Base: Develop a Language Plan

Sep 20, 2011

With the US becoming more linguistically diversified, businesses must find new ways to interact with the market segments LEP individuals represent.

My advice? Develop a language program.

There are a few basic tenets:

1. Figure out what your language demographics are. (Who is contacting your organization and in what languages?)

2. Train your staff on how to work with those individuals. (Assist and direct individuals to language services such as telephonic language interpretation.)

3. Provide solutions. (Offer Over-the-Phone Interpretation and other relevant language services in order to assist your clientele; ensure that the services are quality-assured and reliable)

Following these steps will enable your business to serve clients more effectively.

Stephen Gerhart


Voiance Language Services provides language interpretation and translation services, including telephone interpretation, through interpreter contact centers, with over 85,000 square feet of floor space. We manage contact centers, and so do many of our clients, which is part of the Voiance Advantage.