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Have you asked your front-line staff what kind of problems they have with your current interpretation provider?

Front-line staff may not complain about your phone interpretation provider because they may not know a better option exists. The total cost of ownership may eventually harm your business with poor service levels, compliance issues, or unsatisfied customers.

The way your provider runs its business may affect your operations and your bottom line.

Having served thousands of clients, we learned what categories determined customer satisfaction for language services, particularly telephone interpretation. Independent contact center research has revealed phone interpretation user’s top concerns when choosing a language service provider:

  • Interpretation quality
  • Service levels
  • Reportable cost savings
  • Industry-specific interpretation

Can you say with complete confidence that you are satisfied in these areas?

Checklist for Satisfaction - Questions for You

Ask yourself the following questions to measure how your interpreter services provider stacks up:

  • Do your callers and customers find the service enjoyable?
  • Do your agents/representatives find the service easy to use?
  • Is interpretation high quality, with few issues?
  • Is your account management personal, satisfying your needs in a timely manner?
  • Are your connect times, Average Speed of Answer, and other service levels consistently great?
  • Is the Average Handle Time for interpretation calls reasonable?
  • Are you given opportunity for tiered pricing/ volume discounts?

Issuing an RFP?

Be informed. There are key differences in language services providers, so make sure to analyze your needs to find the best fit.

Don’t know where to start?

Garnering expertise in the language service industry, Voiance compiled questions to guide you during your RFP process.

Serious about making the switch to Voiance?

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