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Two of the top five property & casualty insurers trust Voiance to service their limited-English callers.

In-person Insurance Training for our Certified Interpreters

Voiance interpreters are proficient in their languages, but are they proficient in the vocabulary of the insurance industry?

The answer is yes.

Interpreters receive insurance industry training throughout their 120-hours of instructor-led, classroom coursework. Claims training covers initial investigations through settlement, teaching interpreters the terms and context of claims calls, including:

  • Legal terminology.
  • Medical discussions.
  • Automotive terms.
  • Life and personal lines service.
  • Property and Home conversations.
  • Process and procedures for recorded statement calls.
  • Carefully managing tense moments, including settlement conversations.

Sales and Customer Service Calls

Interpreters match the tone and intent of your sales or service staff so that your customers experience the same high level of service regardless of language.

Handling customer service calls represents a substantial portion of the Company’s interpreter training program. It’s a recurring theme in hands-on training sessions.

With the insurance industry training, interpreters are prepared to handle insurance customer service calls with excellence.