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Voiance works with some of the highest-ranked Fortune 500 utility companies.

Certified Interpreters Spend +120 Hours in Training to Learn Your Industry

You can depend on our phone interpreters’ ability to interact with your customers in their native languages regarding:

  • Explanation of billing, contract, and service cancellation terminology.
  • Equipment installation and repairs.
  • General customer service and inquiries.

How Can Voiance Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency for Your Company?

Voiance gives you advantages:

  • Faster Connections: We provide an Average Speed of Answer (ASA) of 15 seconds or less on average, across hundreds of languages for phone interpretation. Our ASA has been independently verified by the call center certification company, Benchmark Portal.
  • Documents your clients understand: distribute translations of your services, for billing, collections and other instructional material and distribute to Limited English Proficient people (LEPs) in your area. This can reduce extraneous calls and boost customer satisfaction.